grp picThe Susquehanna Valley has a new a group for 20 & 30-somethings to meet new people and do new things.  Check out their Facebook page here for upcoming events to meet-up and attend.

It seems like a good place to start to meet new people, specifically if you just moved to the area and don’t know anyone.

Has anyone gone contra dancing around here?

I’ve only heard of it being similar to square dancing and it sounds interesting.  Here’s a link to contra dancing scheduled at the Heiter Center in Lewisburg.  Again, I’ve never been.  Comment if you know anywhere else and preferably, if young people go!

I love shopping for Fall clothes.  However, I tend to go shopping at the outlets, in King of Prussia, or in Philadelphia because there are few options around here.  Here, I tend to stick to the Gap, Old Navy, Target, and Kohls.  However, there are only so many times I can shop the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls (particularly when it gets colder because her fabric choices tend to be thin or sheer).  Luckily, a TJ Maxx store opened in Selinsgrove in the last month.  I’ve already been twice! I was able to find skinny corduroys in a few colors and I bought my sister’s birthday present, embellished/furry moccasins.

I’d say my style is feminine, classic, a little trendy, and a little city; I tend to be inspired by what certain celebrities wear in Cali.  If you have a smartphone, check out the free app. “Look Book.”  It shows what fashionable young people are wearing all over the world.  I think it’s pretty cool.

I hope everyone is staying safe and being cautious while Hurricane Sandy comes through.

It sure is bizarre that last year we had a snow storm on Halloween and this year we have this hurricane.  I love Halloween and I hope the weather doesn’t put too much of a damper on it, especially for kids.

Anyway, if trick or treating is still on-I think I’ll hand out candy copying this Minne Mouse look by Lauren Conrad.  However, this is not California, and so I’d be adding black leggings and a black, long sleeved shirt.  Oh and you gotta wear the white gloves too!

I don’t know about you, but going out on weekends in central PA more or less look the same.  You go to that same bar. .. Why not try something different, like country line dancing.

A bar called Cracker Barrel (not the chain) in Catawissa has a caller & line dancing on Wednesday & Friday nights, 7:30-10:30pm.  If you have never done it before, I’d suggest you come on a Wednesday because they stop and teach many of the dances before putting them to music.  I hear that on Fridays they pretty much dance without stopping.  Of course, the dances repeat so you could always just jump in and try to pick them up.

You can go with a group, with just a friend, or go alone.  They offer free water or cheap beer.  And if anyone in your group doesn’t want to dance, they can sit at a table and watch or play pool.

Just don’t forget to wear your cowboy/cowgirl boots & have fun!

Well, today’s stormy weather threw off my plans for the day.  It left me some time thinking about local attractions I’d like to see before it gets too cold outside.  On my list- what I have abbreviated as “Will. Mill. Row”…Williamsport’s Millionaire’s Row.  Located on 4th street, I’ve heard about this row of Victorian era mansions, but have not gotten around to checking them out.

I did some research, and it seems that you can either take a guided trolley tour or do your own walking tour.  Here is the map for the walking tour.  Now, this gets you outside to marvel at the architecture, but what about getting inside?  I found that the Preservation Williamsport (historical society) has the Rowley House open for touring.  I am not sure what the hours are though.  There’s also the Peter Herdic House Restaurant and Inn.  I don’t think it can be toured though.

Have you ever been to Millionaire’s Row?

tkI was clicking through the television channels on this Sunday night, and I came across the QVC’s program on Jaqueline Kennedy jewelery collection. It is the only presentation on QVC that I will actually stop and watch.  You would think it’s silly because QVC is just about selling mainly luxury clothes and accessories to people in their homes.  However, to see photos of the former first lady wearing these jewelery items and hearing the personal stories from the historian is astounding.  It feels like I’m learning our american history, really.

The Kennedy’s truly are interesting people. The QVC show got me looking up the careers and lives of other Kennedy family members.  Everyone I looked up seemed so accomplished: journalists, involved in politics, attorneys, etc.  What gets me most is their dedication to public service.  It seems Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver main lines of work are in a host of non-profits.  It makes me ponder whether I’m not doing enough public service myself.  I think I need to look into it.

It’s no wonder Taylor Swift is now supposedly dating Conor Kennedy.  It seems perfect that America’s sweetheart country singer would get along with America’s first family.


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